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Nightingale Sheet Spray

Sultry spritz for your sheets room and body

Sultry and deeply sensuous

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to alter the mood, create ceremony, and as a modality for health.  Beds should be adorned to the highest degree.  We spend nearly ⅓ of our lives between the sheets, dreaming, resting, and loving.    Our sheet sprays have been formulated to tantalize your senses and create a ritual for your bedroom.  Hopping between the sheets alone or in partnership is always sweeter when the sheets have been intentionally prepped with the perfect blend of essential oils to clear the canvas.  

Ingredients:  Spring water and pure essential oils

To Use: Generously spray your sheets, pillows, room and self after you get out of bed or before you hop in.  

4 fl oz

Nightingale Sheet Spray is Currently Out Of Stock

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