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That’s why we started Lark.

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That’s why we started Lark.




Nourish your nethers.


Look WHo's Talking

I love the consistency of Romp, and that it isn’t too watery or sticky. I also liked the fact that it is specifically for the vagina and has benefits beyond just lubing your goods.

Age 34, USA

I love that Lark products are designed to be as clean and natural as possible.

Age 30, USA

My own lubrication was enhanced by Nourish after I used it. I have also been using it like a lotion and love the self-care aspect of it.

Age 54, USA

I love the feeling of Romp. It’s not messy or drippy and feels luxuriant. I used it with my partner and it has good gliding quality. Definitely helped when things got dry.

Age 42, USA

I am so excited to have found a sexy time lube and everyday vaginal moisturizer with natural ingredients. After using Nourish for several weeks, my lady parts are feeling so much more hydrated and youthful.

Age 44, USA

I know it isn’t intended for faces, but I have been using Nourish as an eye cream and it is AMAZING!

Age 52, USA

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