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Feel Good
In Your Body

Loving and shagging—and just plain living—are more fun when you feel good in your body. Your intimate parts are some of the most sensitive and absorbent areas of your body. If they don’t feel good, you don’t feel good. But you can’t just put anything down there.

That’s why we started Lark.

Meet Our Founders

As a certified clinical herbalist and veteran of the skincare industry, I’ve been working with restorative botanicals and researching the hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid for years. While both are wildly popular for face serums, these powerful rejuvenates are missing from the intimate care conversation.

I teamed up with my longtime friend, entrepreneur and inclusive feminist activist Rainbow Schultz, to found Lark—a revolutionary intimate care company on a mission to make restorative hydration products and help people feel good in their bodies.

Together, we began developing an everyday elixir and sexy time serum formulated especially for people with vaginas. Using only responsibly sourced ingredients, we combined hyaluronic acid with nourishing and balancing botanicals. The results are incredible.

We hope you join us in celebrating and caring for your intimate areas—and that you have a damn good time doing it.

–Corrie and Rainbow

Corrie And Rainbow