What We Learned During the Most Trying Year Ever

Posted by Walden Hyde on

For all of its heartaches and hard times, 2020 nevertheless taught us a thing or two about life, lube, and the pursuit of happiness. Today on the blog, we dive into our top five lessons from the past year.

01 Let That Sh*t Go
Life is going to hand you many cards, and honestly we have very little control over most of them. Focus your energy on what truly matters and continue the practice of surrender to all the things you cannot control.

02 Rest Deeply
2020 offered many of us the time to rest in a way we have never allowed ourselves. Pre-covid American lives were packed from morning until evening with work, the gym, and social engagements. This year napping memes were all the rage and we became exceptional at binge-watching shows on a Saturday afternoon. Our bodies and minds require rest. This year, when we need to take a day—or a week—to slow down and catch up, let’s give ourselves and each other the permission to rest.

03 Love Openly
It’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Many of us spent 2020 missing the people we love most. If 2020 taught us anything, it is to constantly love, cherish, praise, call, adore, text, and make time for the dear ones in our lives.

04 Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
We all got into our own rhythm last year. Our family units grew tighter, roommates got really real, and single homes likely experienced a surge in naked cooking. We learned to find our groove without external praise or ridicule. We learned to truly dance to the rhythm of our own drum. Let’s shake our booties in 2021 with all the moves and passions we cultivated in the privacy of our own homes last year.

05 Lube It Up
A little lube goes a long way to turning painful friction into pure pleasure. Which seems like a good metaphor for life. In 2021, we’re looking for ways to soothe, soften, and heal the areas of our lives that are a source of friction. Let’s glide through the new year and have a good time doing it.

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