Welcome to the Revival! AKA Nourish has a New Name

Posted by Rainbow Shultz on


Your body is on a merry-go-round in this dynamic life of yours. Between working, walking, sleeping, dancing, loving and eating, there is a constant evolution that we both endure and celebrate in these bodies of ours.

Have you ever heard of “Block Universe Theory”? 

“According to the Block Universe Theory, the universe is a giant block of all things that ever happen at any time and at any place. In this view, the past, present and future all exist and are equally real.”

Block Universe Theory is hard to wrap a mind around in this linear life we observe, but fun to imagine in the context of loving our past, present and future selves. 

ALL the love of ALL of your bodies ALL of the time.


At Lark Love, the idea of Revival is an action. We engage in the Revival because we appreciate our present and future selves. Treating your body with care now means that you plan to keep on continuing loving as long as you desire.


Nourish has changed names to encompass the whole party. There is nourishing, there is loving, there is a lot of hydrating and rejuvenating and caring and living. The party is big enough for all of us at the Revival.  

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