Take a page outta the Gen Z book and Love your beautiful Body

Posted by Rainbow Shultz on

What we can learn from the youngest generation, Gen Z: a LOT. And not just how to use tik tok.


Sure, the kids these days seem to have a preternatural knowledge of the internet, an ability to type on phones with an almost impossibly fast flurry of thumb movements, and a knowledge of youtube personalities that defies any sense of reason-


But they also have a beautiful sense of positive body image. The ladies in High School and College today are finally doing what we older generations tried and failed at. They are loving and flaunting what they’ve got. Girls in short shorts with adorably expansive thighs walk hand in hand down the street with gals in crop tops showing bellies in every shape and size. These young women today are embracing themselves in a way that we all said that we would- but then covered up instead.


At the beach recently, we were surrounded by young women feeling free in their tiny bikinis, their gorgeous young bodies in every shape and size and barely with any fabric between them and the waves. There were no arms huddled over tummies, no legs crossed to make themselves smaller. The youngest women today have given each other permission to be beautiful in every size and as the older generations look on, I suggest we take a page out of their fierce new book and do the same.


Loving our bodies means treating ourselves with the best food, rest and exercise we can afford to, but it also means being proud and generous to what we’ve got. We don’t have to be 19 years old to be loud and proud, we can love ourselves in our current perfect state starting today.


Of course this is all to say- lube it up ladies. Your perfect exquisite body deserves it.

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