Passion Flowers: Not just for Tattoos

Posted by Rainbow Shultz on

 Passion Flowers are gorgeous, but like all of you, they are also so much more than just a pretty face. Fine- energetically, at LARK LOVE, we would be inclined to present you with a personal lubricant made with ingredients containing the word “passion” but that’s just what they call a happy accident.

LOVE is made with Passion Flower extract because of its incredible hydrating and soothing properties. Passion Flower is loaded with vitamins A and C and is known to keep skin smooth and plump. In South America is has earned the name “Guardian of the Skin”

 Which leads us to thinking about our reverence for this abundant planet. 

It never ceases to amaze us that there is magic inside of so many plants and living entities all over this dazzling blue planet.

In the height of summer, we encourage you to take an evening and drop into nature that surrounds us. Whether in the suburbs, densest of cities or wildest of wilderness, there is always a city park, an old tree along the sidewalk, or a creek bed far from civilization where we can take moments to reconnect with the present moment and find the peace of meditation through spending deliberate time next to the growing living planet.

For a quick momentary practice, find a place where you can rest your body on the natural planet. Close your eyes, listen to the sounds around you while breathing in for 8 counts, holding for 7 and breathing out for 8. Even just a couple of minutes of breathing while touching the breathing planet can have a profound impact on your body and your day.

And there’s some advice to take and pop into your hat for when you might need it, lots of love from your friendly lube ladies.

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