Nourish is Back!

Posted by Walden Hyde on

OMG, OMG, OMG it's almost here! As Nourish fans everywhere know, our luxurious hydrating serum has been out of stock since manufacturing slowed down in the spring. We've taken the past few months to reformulate our most popular product to be even more gentle, hydrating, and luscious.

At Lark, we are obsessed with celebrating women and creating rituals around caring for our bodies. We were inspired to develop Nourish when we noticed that topics addressing  vaginal and intimate care, menopause, and sexual wellness continue to be a taboo subject. While half of the population owns a vagina, there are still very few products that celebrate them in all of their glory.

As we began product development, we aimed to formulate Nourish like a fancy face serum and integrated plants known to increase hydration, encourage collagen production, and promote elasticity. Packed full of nourishing botanicals like calendula, marshmallow root, and reishi along with hyaluronic acid, Nourish deeply hydrates and rejuvenates your vaginal tissue. 

We believe it is up to us as women to remove the taboo about vaginal dryness. Like any other part of your body, the vulva may need extra love at different stages of life. From menopause and birth to medications and the lunar cycle, a wide range of life circumstances can all lead to vaginal dryness and irritation. Nourish was created for these moments and all the times in between, focusing on soothing, hydrating, and celebrating our bodies. 

Nourish can be applied daily to the vulva to increase your natural hydration and improve tissue integrity. We love to apply  it as a simple act of self-care and our own silent-yet-powerful way of abolishing shame and reclaiming body autonomy. This dermatologist-approved daily serum celebrates your body by pampering your vulva with the thoughtful attention that it deserves as the most crucial organ for human life. 

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