Love Bird Tea

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We believe true love starts with self-love, and that the simple act of making yourself a cup of tea may influence the rest of your day. Caring for your precious body, slowing down for a moment to rest your mind, and being intentional with what you put in your body is good for you—and everyone you love. 

With these intentions guiding us, we developed Love Bird tea.

This warming, spicy tea combines organic herbs that are traditionally used in love potions all around the world. Our sustainably sourced ingredients are known to promote circulation and stimulate the libido. 

  • Ashwagandha is deeply nourishing and brings a sense of calm to the nervous system, allowing you to relax into the moment.  

  • The linden tree’s heart-shaped leaves are indicative of its use as a heart tonic, promoting physical health and also fortifying the heart to allow a deeper experience of love for yourself and others.  

  • Tulsi, known as Holy Basil and revered as sacred by the Hindu religion, represents the Goddess Tulsi. It is used all over the world to relieve stress.

  • Damiana has been studied for years for its aphrodisiac effect on the body, stimulating blood flow to the nether regions. 

  • Rose petals open one’s heart emotionally according to several ancient traditions. They have a strong spiritual effect on one’s heart, bringing aphrodisiac qualities as well as lovely floral notes.

  • Cinnamon and Black Pepper are both warming circulatory herbs that promote blood flow and spice things up.

  • Nutmeg soothes and Honey powder adds a very slight sweetness that harmonizes the tea in all the right ways. Traditionally, honey has been an offering of adoration and we thought it just right to honor our relationship with bees, flowers, and each other.

  • Floral notes of rose and damiana open the heart and invite love and connection.

We are filled with happiness imagining the self love happening every time you brew yourself a cup of Love Bird. Sip and enjoy as a quiet moment of solitary self care, surrounded by others, or while settling in with a partner.

You can never have enough love. 

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