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Because nothing is TMI over here at Lark, I’m going to tell you about my vagina. Still reading? Great. Here goes. Until the birth of my son, I had never experienced my vagina as anything but juicy and willing. Once I was bombarded by the hormones of birth and breastfeeding, though, everything changed. Let’s just say lube became my new best friend. Even a few years on, with my hormones balanced out and my lady parts happier, I still reach for lube. Sex just feels better that way.

Dry vaginas aren’t a popular topic of conversation, but there is a lot to say about them (sidenote: I make a great dinner party guest). First of all, there is no shame in not getting wet. Forget everything popular culture and porn and past partners have told you about when and how and why your body should work. In fact, there are literally hundreds of reasons your vagina might not be as juicy as you’d like. Here are a few: stress, hormones, your cycle, genetics, aging, menopause, mental health, physical health, diet, lack of sleep, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, medications, politics, climate change … seriously, so many reasons. 

Needing a little lube to get the party started is very normal. In fact, applying lube can be a beautiful act of self love, and the first step in stimulating the pussy for receiving pleasure. Using lube also decreases your chances of getting small tears or abrasions, which are both uncomfortable and increase your chances of catching an STI.  

But a few things about lube rub me the wrong way. First, most lubes on the market are petroleum-based and/or contain glycerin and a host of synthetic ingredients that are downright toxic to the vagina. Bringing me to my next point: many lubes are formulated for the shaft, without the health of vaginal tissues in mind. Even natural lubricants can be tricky. Did you know oil-based lubes like coconut oil aren’t condom compatible? What?!

My dear friend, Rainbow, and I thought it would be a smart idea to create intimate products that were both decadent and deserving of the vagina (and vulva—don’t forget about her). Drawing on my background as a clinical herbalist, we got to work researching, experimenting, testing … until we had developed the most luscious, restorative serums for your sexy parts that you could imagine. Blending hyaluronic acid and rejuvenating botanicals, we came up with a gorgeous sexy serum that we’re calling Romp and an everyday elixir named Nourish. Both are plant-based, perfectly PH balanced for the vagina, and condom compatible. They’re also gluten free, vegan, and made in America. 

Your vagina is glorious and deserves to be treated like a queen. Nourish it with safe, high-quality products that help you feel good in your body and get the most pleasure out of pleasure.

XO Corrie

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