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Ingredient Spotlight: Reishi

by Rainbow and Corrie

As the Chinese Proverb goes: He who is loved has many names.

Reishi (or Ling Zhi or Mannentake) is called “queen of mushrooms”, “king of mushrooms”, “mushroom of spiritual potency”, and also “mushroom of immortality”. In Chinese, the name represents a combination of spirituality and immortality. It is a magical gateway and bridge to the greater Universe. Historically in Asian cultures, Reishi symbolizes success, well-being, divine power, and longevity. 

These mushrooms have been recognized as medicinal for over 2000 years, and have a long history of enhancing immunity, promoting stress relief, and supporting longevity. In the Ben Cao Gang Mu (1590 AD), considered to be the first pharmacopoeia in China, Reishi was attributed with therapeutic properties, such as tonifying effects, enhancing vital energy, improving cardiac strength, increasing memory, and anti-aging effects.

When taken orally, Reishi has been utilized as a medicine to treat many ailments, along with working as a tonic very mild mind-altering mushroom to invoke feelings of both expansion, interconnection, and mood enhancement. Medicinally, this adaptogenic mushroom is known for its cell-regenerating, immune boosting, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

When applied to our skin, Reishi is rich and nourishing. These same cell-regenerating properties that are utilized medicinally are also magic when applied to reducing premature aging like soothing and improving skin elasticity. Reishi helps shield the skin against stressors and promotes skin resilience. These same powerful properties and qualities are equally impressive when applied to intimate areas, like in Nourish and Romp.

This magnificent fungi is well deserving of all the recent praise and attention it has received. Reishi is gentle, healing, beautiful, powerful, and magical. How could we not include it as a key ingredient in our formulas? If you're interested in experiencing the goodness of Reishi, please check out any of our products.



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Look WHo's Talking

I love the consistency of Romp, and that it isn’t too watery or sticky. I also liked the fact that it is specifically for the vagina and has benefits beyond just lubing your goods.

Age 34, USA

I love that Lark products are designed to be as clean and natural as possible.

Age 30, USA

My own lubrication was enhanced by Nourish after I used it. I have also been using it like a lotion and love the self-care aspect of it.

Age 54, USA

I love the feeling of Romp. It’s not messy or drippy and feels luxuriant. I used it with my partner and it has good gliding quality. Definitely helped when things got dry.

Age 42, USA

I am so excited to have found a sexy time lube and everyday vaginal moisturizer with natural ingredients. After using Nourish for several weeks, my lady parts are feeling so much more hydrated and youthful.

Age 44, USA

I know it isn’t intended for faces, but I have been using Nourish as an eye cream and it is AMAZING!

Age 52, USA

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