How to Give the Gift of Lube

Posted by Corrie Bradley on

We have so many fun discounts coming up with the holiday season, but you may be asking yourself “how do I give the gift of lube without sending the wrong message”.  This is a valid concern from the days of old but welcome to the present where lube makes a perfect present!

Gifting lube (*note, only high-quality luxurious lube) to your partner sends a thoughtful message that you care about their most tender tissue and want all interactions to be pleasant, smooth, and nourishing.  It also opens the door for conversations about bedroom activities and can bring open honest discussions that lead to more exploration.

Gifting lube to your friends is the best way to show that you have your buds back, and front. It proves that you are the kind of friend that is always looking out, open to talk about everything, and care about what they put in their very important bodies.  

Giving the gift of lube to your mom can feel a bit more tricky and unless you are prepared to hear all about her bedroom escapades, we strongly recommend gifting Revival.  The gift of Revival not only acknowledges your mom as a human having real body experiences and opens the line of communication for her to discuss her experiences with aging from birthing you to peri and post-menopause.  Often we don’t talk about these things with our moms because we don’t have a good icebreaker to bring it up—a high-quality intimate moisturizer will break that ice all day!   

 Your people want the world’s most luxurious personal lubricant in their stockings, we promise.  Keep your eyes peeled for all the holiday specials coming your way to help make their dreams come true!

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