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Hot Cocktails to drink right in BED

by Rainbow and Corrie


Happy Autumn now that the fall Equinox has officially passed! As the night stretches out longer than the days, our relationship with our beds changes from a casual friend to a steady lover. You may notice finding more activities that seem bed worthy like great books, long conversations, or even a night cap. As a chef, I’m constantly delighted to learn of new recipes, new ideas and and new places to grab food and drinks. Even in my own home. Like my big giant messy bed.

Here are a few perfect nightcap drink recipes. Anoint your sanctuary with some Lark Love Sheet Spray, grab a friend (or not), and enjoy one of these fall cocktails between the sheets.   


Hot drinks are a perfect go-to for sipping with pillows, they naturally relax and warm you up as nights get colder. Hot Bourbon is a natural choice for fancy hot drinks, it’s flavor opens up when warm and pairs well with the full flavor of apple cider. This recipe involves warming both your bourbon and your apple cider and lemon juice for a couple of minutes on the stove top. Pour into your favorite mug, add the Licor 43 (A Spanish Liquor with vanilla tones, worth having around), dash the bitters and then garnish with an orange wheel.


The Spanish Night:


3 oz fresh apple cider

½ oz lemon juice

2 oz bourbon (My go to’s include Makers Mark and Bulleit, although there are plenty of great ones out there)

1 oz Licor 43

2 dashes Angostura bitters

1 orange wheel, twisted


Sake is a cozy bedtime drink, especially as many are already familiar with it being served warm. But you don’t need a sushi date to enjoy it. (Although I’ll take a sushi date anytime, anyplace, name it)

One of those perfect three ingredient drinks,  The Purple Rain will convince you you’re having the perfect “Me-Party”. Add a little Prince on the radio and you’re in heaven.

Like the Spanish Night, you just need to warm your drink in a little pan on the stove top until warm. You can find Lychee juice at your local Asian grocery store, but if you can’t, just omit and you’ve got a Purple Haze, a classic, delicious, and very warming drink instead.


The Purple Rain:


6 oz Sake

1 oz Chambord

1 oz lychee juice


Last! Have you tried Mulled Wine lately? In my mind, it comes from fairy tales in Swedish Country Side, or the olden days along side sledding hills. But it can be dressed up for today’s bedtime cocktail enthusiast, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been mulling all along.

This recipe is especially fun with friends, as a big pot of bubbling wine screams “gather”.

Combine all ingredients in a pot on the stove, let it bubble, enjoy the smell. Pour into your mug and cozy yourself right up.



Recipe for a batch to share:

1 bottle red wine

5 oz cognac

1 orange, sliced

A few cinnamon sticks

A few pods cardamom

A few star anise seeds

A few cloves


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