Free Bird Tea

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We are living in a world that feels extremely potent, full of intensity and uncertainty. We are all attempting to survive and thrive during multiple pandemics with the strength and fortitude to show up in powerful ways as vehicles, voices, and amplifiers for social change. We may go to bed feeling like we have come to understand this new paradigm only to awaken to a new one. Our bodies, minds, and spirits need nourishment and support more than ever.  

Thank the stars and soil that we live on a generous planet. We are surrounded by natural medicines that grow in abundance and have the power to nurture, heal, and restore all of our body systems. It feels like there has never been a time that humanity needs healing more than now. 

We are so excited to introduce to you Free Bird, the first in our new line of teas. This grounding, rooty tea blends adaptogenic herbs with potent antioxidants to support and nourish your whole system. Sipping a cup a day may fortify adrenals, strengthen brain function, soothe inflammation, and improve mood.

  • Powerful Ashwagandha and Oatstraw have been used for centuries to restore the nervous system and bring a sense of calm and fortitude to your day.
  • Turmeric has been used to decrease inflammation, increase brain function, and strengthen the heart. Sweet licorice root has been used worldwide to strengthen the respiratory tract, improve gut function and strengthen the adrenals.
  • Dandelion root not only brings a robust quality to this tea but has a deep tradition of use to cleanse and fortify the liver helping your body to properly detox.

Our bodies, much like our planet, cannot fully function unless every system is healthy and working in harmony. With this principle as a guiding light, we formulated this tea to nurture your whole self: mind, body, and spirit.  

We are living during a time of great change and reckoning, and are called to listen and stand with our human family in action and allyship. We must tend to our precious selves in order to bring our most powerful energy to the change that is needed in the world. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t have the wisdom, strength, and fortitude to care for anyone else.  

Here’s to you, here’s to healing, and here’s to a healthier and more resilient future.


Free Bird Tea

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