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Rise and Shine.

During this quarantine, we’ve been focusing on practicing gratitude. Every morning, we try to wake up and take a moment to pause, breathing into the gift of a new morning. The calm and pre-sunrise glow are gifts that we can accept every day if we give ourselves the space to receive them.

With Early Bird, every morning can be celebrated and supported. To lean into the opening possibilities that every day brings, we selected favorite energizing plants to support your morning rituals and start the day in gratitude:

  • Assam Tea is grown in a valley just South of the Himalayas in India, straddling the Brahmaputra and Barak Rivers. This rich, malty tea is known for its deep aroma and ability to evenly boost energy.

  • Roasted Dandelion Root blends sweetness and roasty notes and is also highly nutritious. Full of potent antioxidants, Roasted Dandelion Root fights inflammation and works to lower blood pressure so you’ll feel focused and calm.

  • Lavender brings uplifting floral notes, and research suggests that it soothes the nervous system, helping to combat anxiety and depression.

  • Bergamot Oil adds a sweet citrus tone, balancing the tea and working to elevate and enhance your mood.

What can’t this tea do?

We like to think of this tea as the centerpiece of morning rituals, an invigorating salute to the beauty and opportunity that every day brings.

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