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Do you have pain with sex?

by Lynn Schulte

Do you have pain with sex?

You may be shocked to be asked this question, but this problem is more common than you think, especially after having a baby.  Women usually just don’t talk about it because they may be embarrassed.  And when they ask their OB/GYN they are told everything looks ok in there.   

What women need to understand is that most doctors don’t understand the muscles and connective tissue problems of the pelvic floor area.  Their expertise is in the organs functioning.  While everything may look “normal” most doctors do not check the ability of the tissues to move and expand and this may be where your problem lies.  

Do you realize there are three distinct specialty areas in the small, little vagina?  You have to see an urologist for any bladder issues, a gynecologist for your uterus and if you have issues with your bowel you need to see a proctologist.  Unfortunately vary few of these specialists fully understand how the connective tissue or fascia, and the pelvic floor muscles contribute to pain and problems in this area.  But myself and my Birth Healing Specialists know exactly what to do!

Pain with Intercourse

Typically, there are two types of pain with intercourse, pain with insertion and/or pain with deep thrusting.  

Pain with insertion may be caused from tightness in the pelvic floor tissues.  Just like our shoulders can get a “knot” in them, the pelvic floor muscles can also develop increased tension that can cause low back pain along with painful intercourse.  Any tearing during childbirth creates scar tissue which can also inhibit the movement and stretching of the pelvic floor tissues to allow for penetration.   Core holding patterns can also contribute to the inability of the tissues to expand and relax for penetration.  

Deep thrusting pain may be contributed to the lack of motion of the cervix and uterus.  If the uterus isn’t able to move from adhesions or scarring from a c-section every time the penis hits the organ it will create pain.  All the organs in our pelvis need to have free mobility or deep thrusting may be painful.   Massaging your c-section or any lower abdominal scar can help you avoid deep thrusting issues.  Check out my video on YouTube on How to Massage your C-Section Scar.  

I’ve learned how to effectively release the vaginal tissues and, in most cases, can end either of these problems for my clients in as little as one session.  Because I can listen to the energy of the tissues and feel into what the root cause of the problem is, I am able to work with you and your body to help get movement and flexibility in these tissues again, with minimal pain or discomfort!  

If you’ve experienced internal vaginal work and it was painful, it doesn’t need to be this way.  See one of my Birth Healing Specialists who I’ve trained as they will know how to respectfully work with your tissues and effectively get your tissues to release so you can enjoy intercourse again without any pain.  You can check out my Directory and see if there is one near you.  If not, find a good women’s health or pelvic physical therapist in your area that will work with you and not create pain with any of their treatments.  

Lynn Schulte, PT is the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing and lives in the Boulder, CO area.  She and her associate, Jeni Knox, PT, offer one on one treatment sessions in Denver and Boulder and online courses for greater pelvic health.  Check out her online Confidence in your Core, Pelvic Floor and More  and other courses here.  

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