Bodies making Babies

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Are you having friends having babies?

As women, we are always the closest witnesses to the celebration of births in our community’s lives.

 As friends, family members or neighbors, we provide the meals or the blankets or the special loveable hand me downs that mark the right of this sacred passage.

When I had a baby, my best girlfriends flew out to me with maxi-pads soaked in witch hazel. This amazingly simple concoction saved me through the surprisingly rough weeks that lay ahead.

I was so surprised at the painful recovery after childbirth. I was determined to tell every pregnant woman I knew of the upcoming journey for her vagina. I was incredulous that no one had told me.

I felt that I had been preparing myself for nine months for the experience of childbirth, of nursing, of getting ready to care for another human, but not once did it come to my attention that there would be long wet nights of recovery afterwards.

The witch hazel pads were a signal to me that all who had come before me already knew of the journey that I was experiencing.

Now I’ve taken it upon myself to tenderly open the conversation with pregnant women. I ask if they know that they might have a hard time walking or standing for a little while, that they might wake up in a puddle of fluids, that they may be afraid to go to the bathroom for a few days.

In the same vein, at Lark Love, the conversation continues to include the months after giving birth. Hormone changes make a difference in your body. Whether one breastfeeds or not can further change hormone levels in addition to an already fluctuating system. Vaginal dryness is common but never discussed, leading women to wonder alone if it’s just them.

So grab a LOVE and REVIVAL box for the new mammas in your life. Start with the Witch Hazel Pads and home cooked meals and follow up with intimate moisturizers and personal lubricants.

We need to BE the support that we wish we had gotten!

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