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Amplify Black Voices

by Rainbow and Corrie

As a company founded on the values of wellness, sexual health, and feeling good in your body, we at Lark recognize the barriers Black womxn face in accessing this industry and we seek to fight this systemic exclusion. We’ve compiled an (extremely in-comprehensive) list of Black educators, therapists, activists, artists, organizations, and businesses as a first step towards amplifying, supporting, and highlighting these Black voices. Please let us know who else we should include.

Sex Educators, Therapists, and Beyond

Health, Wellness, Maternity Industries

  • Mama Glow: the first company to offer doula support at every stage along the childbearing continuum. They also offer a doula immersion program aimed at educating doula-trainees from around the world to become the next generation of leaders that will help transform our modern health care system for women and babies.
  • Michelle Mitchum / Orange Bloom: wellness consultations ranging from digestive health assessments to nutritional herbal therapy, online courses.
  • Sabia Wade / The Black Doula: digital workshops and doula services to help guide women through birth and beyond. Created on the principle of bringing “justice and equity to birthing people all over the world.”
  • Maryam Ajayi / Dive In Well: aiming to establish more equality in the wellness industry by creating meaningful opportunities for change-makers to facilitate on and offline conversations as a catalyst for change and accessibility. (“Diversity and inclusion is a leading and necessary trend in wellness to realize this need.”)
  • Angela Richardson / Pur Home: natural detergents and household cleaners
  • Herpothecary: natural soaps and body butters
  • Rashia Bell / Re.Vityl: eye masks, essential oils, and beyond
  • Rachel Ricketts (@iamrachelricketts): racial justice educator, spiritual activist, healer
  • Jordi (@earthtojordi): healer, meditation leader, artist
  • Carlos Alberto (@time_to_sit): meditation sessions, studios + instructors
  • Hiliandmac: line of natural, small-batch, problem-solving products for skin, hair, and body

Artists and Beyond

 Sex and Childbearing

 I am a mother and a midwife. These days, the balance has shifted more towards...


 Free Bird Tea

 We are living in a world that feels extremely potent, full of intensity and uncertainty....


Look WHo's Talking

I love the consistency of Romp, and that it isn’t too watery or sticky. I also liked the fact that it is specifically for the vagina and has benefits beyond just lubing your goods.

Age 34, USA

I love that Lark products are designed to be as clean and natural as possible.

Age 30, USA

My own lubrication was enhanced by Nourish after I used it. I have also been using it like a lotion and love the self-care aspect of it.

Age 54, USA

I love the feeling of Romp. It’s not messy or drippy and feels luxuriant. I used it with my partner and it has good gliding quality. Definitely helped when things got dry.

Age 42, USA

I am so excited to have found a sexy time lube and everyday vaginal moisturizer with natural ingredients. After using Nourish for several weeks, my lady parts are feeling so much more hydrated and youthful.

Age 44, USA

I know it isn’t intended for faces, but I have been using Nourish as an eye cream and it is AMAZING!

Age 52, USA

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